About The Artist

Artist’s Statement

I paint because I enjoy looking at color. When I visited the Museum of Modern Art for the first time, I saw the green, orange, and purple pigment on a Pierre Bonnard painting and was transfixed. This experience inspired me to take painting classes at Stanford University where I experimented with acrylics, oils, and pastels. After retiring from teaching at Redmond High School, I began painting in earnest.

In choosing subject matter, I focus on scenes that I find aesthetically pleasing and joyful. Harbors and beaches, gardens and greenhouses, and bicyclists and ballerinas provide an opportunity to express emotion through color. Painters who use color to convey emotions—Bonnard, Vuillard, Derain, Van Gogh, Nolde, and Matisse—inspire my work.

Besides painting, I enjoy following the accomplishments of my two children: Caley, the Director of Site Merchandising at Microsoft; and Skyler, a real estate lawyer with DLS Piper in San Diego. I also feel gratitude for my wife Patty who is my best critic and supporter. 


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I painted a picture of Suzanna Allen at the Legion of Honor museum in San Francisco and she was kind enough to host a fete in my honor.  Below, are photographs of Suzanna and both of us posing next to the painting.